We are a full service agency
based in Las Vegas


Artisans on Fire is a full-service creative marketing agency in the Las Vegas Arts District. We are dedicated to handcrafting content, building strategies, and consulting cannabis entrepreneurs looking to enhance their brand.

For over a decade, we’ve been working in billion dollar industries for companies that blazed a trail. We started in the gaming and casino industry which led all the way into daily fantasy sports.

We’re energized by cannabis and have made it our mission to tell stories that matter for brands that want to stand out in the crowded space. We are relentless in our pursuit of finely crafted content.



We develop a brand-specific strategy around the audience you should attract, the targets you’re looking to hit, and the voice your brand should speak with. More simply put, we use science to tell us what motivates customers, then we craft your story to move people.


Although cannabis industry regulations have largely restricted digital from being a source of customer acquisition, we can make sure it’s a tool in your brand’s arsenal through content planning, media buying, community management, and connecting your brand with the right influencers.



We hate ads, but we love ideas. By creating innovative content and unique ways to promote brands’ core beliefs and identifiers, we take your unique stories and turn them into campaigns that inspire loyalty and engagement in your customers. We love telling a brands’ story.


The number of ways to talk about your brand in the cannabis world is seemingly never-ending. Our writing discipline is seamlessly integrated into our design process to produce the most effective, elegant, and engaging work…all while ensuring that your brand voice stays authentic and consistent.



In addition to offering a full range of in-house video production services, we’ve spent over a decade forging relationships with the right talent, crews, and locations to capture your brand’s message. A good video with a good story can help differentiate your brand.


Every touch point a customer has with your brand must be part of a larger strategy. Your product packaging. Your pop-up event setup. The obscure sans-serif font found on the contact page of your website. Every little detail matters. We are an “every little detail matters” company by design.



Our Team
Dustin Iannotti

Dustin Iannotti

Creative Director | Co-founder
Courtney Wu

Courtney Wu

Alex Anna Miller

Alex Anna Miller

Brand Strategy Manager
John Erminio

John Erminio

COO | Co-founder
Grace Hyekyung Park

Grace Hyekyung Park

Art Director