Thrive Marketplace was looking to change
their customer’s brand experience. They wanted to take
a more personal and feelings-based approach to selling.
Inventory was to be arranged and organized by
5 distinct feelings: Thrive, Relax, Create, Relieve, Focus.

In order to reflect this major change, each “feeling” was
assigned a distinct color. To reinforce the new in-person
brand experience, the website, and social media strategy
adopted a similar feelings-based approach that pays
special attention to the colors. As the viewer scrolls
through Thrive’s social media, the color flow subtly
changes, creating a smooth transition from one feeling
to another. The website was designed in a square grid
that also pays homage to the colors and feelings, in
order to showcase both photography and typography in
an organized fashion. The digital marketing matches the
retail experience making the brand easy to follow.

ClientThrive Cannabis MarketplaceServicesSocial Media Management, Brand Design, Web

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