Thrive Cannabis Marketplace

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace was one of our first cannabis industry clients.

Among other projects we’ve done for Thrive since partnering with them, they came onboard with us with a website that was dated, yet had been steadily building organic traffic through their work with an SEO agency. The challenge for this project was to modernize their website for the brand we helped them build since signing on while maintaining their SEO equity they’d built up over the previous 4 years as one of the pioneers in the Nevada cannabis market. We were able to not only hold onto the traffic but take over their SEO efforts to help grow it nearly 27% in only 5 months time. The images in this portfolio showcase how we brought a brand identity more consistent with their overall brand to their website while improving speeds and optimizing all their content in the process.

ClientThrive Cannabis MarketplaceServicesSocial Media Management, Website Design, Packaging Design, Brand Identity, Graphic