goHUNT | The Offseason

goHUNT is our longest client partnership, beginning strategic marketing work with them in 2014, right when they were on the verge of launching their company. They have since grown to be THE go-to destination for planning your hunts, navigating hunter’s complicated application season and more recently, the premier destination for battle-tested hunting gear.

When they began recognizing the importance of utilizing content as a means to market their products and software offerings, we first produced a series of successful and popular hunt films that took the viewer on the hunts with them. After winning a short film award for one of our films, we turned towards casting an eye on the transparent nature of the way they chose the run their company. Nothing would be hidden from customers and they would invite them to take the journey of growing this company in their industry with them. We conceptualized an idea for a reality show geared towards a male hunter-centric audience…part “Office” part “Man vs. Wild” we attempted to showcase the office, home and in-the-field life of these passionate hunters and entrepreneurs.

Since racking up well over 1 million niche audience views on the videos we’ve partnered with them to produce, we’ve begun production on more ambitious hunting related digital series in our latest works together.

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