The Clio Awards are known globally as the Oscars of Advertising. They are the world's most recognized international awards competition for advertising, design, and interactive.

Back in August, it was announced that the Clio’s would be awarding brands in the cannabis industry for their creative efforts.

“At Clio, we have worked hard to establish best-in-class programs that are custom built to celebrate the diverse and nuanced creative work of a specific industry,” said Clio president, Nicole Purcell in a press release.

“As one of the first major competitions to market, Clio Cannabis is poised to set the bar for creative work in a rapidly expanding industry, help to build an understanding of a developing category and elevate the marketplace to solicit creative contributions from top talent and agencies.”

Artisans on Fire’s Co-Founder and Creative Director knew immediately what work he wanted to submit for consideration.

“Our client came up with a great idea unique to the cannabis industry; create surreal packaging with real photographs. We knew instantly that we had something special with our Dreamland Chocolate creative,” said Dustin Iannotti.

The instinct that this project was going to be innovative led to another great idea for filming the project from start to finish.

“We believed in the concept behind the work so much that we had our team document the entire creative process on film from the start. We knew that when we pulled it off, we’d have some great content to release.”

The below video shows you a short form look at that entire creative process from beginning to end.

Here is the final packaging.

In its 60th year of existence, the Clio Awards recognized a new category: cannabis.

“The fact that this was a historic moment for this maturing industry is not lost on us.” Said Dustin Iannotti. “We took home a win during these inaugural categorical awards. This award energizes our entire team. But we know we will have to continue pushing the envelope further and thinking even bigger in order to continue producing work to keep pace with what’s next in culture.”

The Clio Awards are given out to less than 3% of entrants on average.

“This tells us that we are making good choices for our clients,” said John Erminio, AoF Co-Founder and COO.