Welcome to the second article in our four-part guide to marketing your cannabis brand. If you haven’t read the first post yet, it’s wise to click over to it now before you continue so you can catch up to speed. In the last article, we discussed the ins and outs of branding and how to use it effectively to promote your company. We also touched on some of the ways in which you can create a buzz around your dispensary, and one of the most important was social media. Today, we’re going to offer some advice and guidance that will ensure you never make mistakes when it comes to your approach to those platforms. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are vital to the success of your business, and you need to learn how to use them to your advantage.

Hundreds of millions of people access social networks every single day to keep track of the latest news, learn about global events, and stay in contact with their friends. That means you can reach a significant percentage of your target market if you get the process right. Artisans on Fire work with some of the most successful brands in the cannabis industry and our team know exactly how to achieve the results you desire. So, if you feel like managing this procedure in-house if going to involve too much time and effort, then it’s sensible to outsource the task to professionals. In many instances, you will even save money!

Designing your Facebook business page

Facebook allows all business owners to create a free page to promote and advertise their companies. Failure to build a presence on that social network could mean that you lose out to your competition, and so you need to use some of the suggestions below to ensure that never happens. Cannabis dispensary owners without a Facebook business page will struggle to attract as many new customers as those who use the platform. So, take some of this advice onboard…

Use branded graphics and imagery

When it comes to designing your cannabis dispensary Facebook page, it’s vital that you present your company in the best light. People who read our first article in this series will remember that we spent a lot of time discussing the right way to tell your story. Refer back to that information and use it to your advantage when creating your business page. You need a striking and eye-catching header banner and a profile pic that your customers are going to recognize. Unless you have a background in graphic design, it makes sense to employ a freelancer or an agency with an excellent track record. Just ensure the people you choose understand all the different elements of your branding related to fonts and color schemes, etc.

Always include your story

Again, we discussed the best ways to create your company’s story in the first article of this series. You now need to use that information and guidance to do the same thing again on your Facebook page. The social network allows entrepreneurs and marketers to add information to the “about” section of their pages. You could include the same story as you publish on your website for the best outcomes. Ensure it lets people know about your operation and how it started, and also try to include some humor and emotion in the text.

The idea is to make sure new potential customers who land on your page will learn about your cannabis dispensary and understand it is not a chain store run by a faceless corporation. Most folks would prefer to give their money to a small business than an international brand. So, make sure you highlight your background and the struggle you went through to get your dispensary off the ground.

Don’t forget your contact details and address!

One of the most prominent mistakes cannabis dispensary owners make when creating their Facebook business pages relates to a lack of contact information. Facebook enables you to include phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. Indeed, there is even a map section that will ensure your visitors grasp your location and know how to find your dispensary. Make sure you add all that info straight away because it’s possible some potential customers might struggle to find your store and then choose to visit a competitor.

You also need to ensure that you include your opening times! The last thing you want is to miss out on sales because someone turned up at your dispensary at 9 am, and you don’t open until midday, right? You can put an end to those occurrences by adding official opening and closing times and ensuring that you stick to them.

Posting status updates

Facebook and other social media websites allow cannabis dispensary owners and other people in control of business pages to publish status updates. It is critical that you make the best use of that feature and ensure it helps your brand to reach the widest audience possible. When it comes to writing those updates, it’s sensible for you to think carefully about what you say and how you say it. In this section, we will describe how to create the perfect status updates that are going to perform.

Statuses for expanding reach

There are many different ways you could craft your cannabis dispensary Facebook status updates if your goal is to expand the reach of the post and get some extra page likes. These are some of the best ideas:

  • Post industry-related news

The cannabis market is legal in your state, but legislators are probably still debating the ins and outs of rules that apply to companies in your industry. So, it stands to reason there is going to be a lot of relevant news you could post on your Facebook page. You just need to follow some of the most prominent pro-marijuana blogs and news websites to ensure you get the latest stories as early as possible. Post the links to your page alongside an authoritative comment about the story.

  • Post eye-catching photographs

One of the best things about being in the marijuana market is that cannabis plants look beautiful and unusual. That means you can get a lot of attention if you choose to publish photographs of your grow rooms or the bud you have in stock. If someone is scrolling through their newsfeed and they see something like that, there is a reasonable chance they will take a second look.

  • Ask your audience questions

A sure-fire way to guarantee your posts reach as many people as possible is to ask questions that require a response. Whenever someone comments on your status and posts a reply, their friends who do not yet “like” your business page might see the activity. That should encourage those people to take a look at your dispensary and find out more about their friend’s comment on your status.

Getting to grips with Facebook Ads

The experts working for Artisans on Fire understand that a lot of cannabis dispensary owners struggle when it comes to creating Facebook ads that provide a healthy return on investment. Indeed, that is why all our clients ask us to conduct that work and design the best possible strategy on their behalf. Stil, if you’re going to attempt to master Facebook ads without the assistance of professionals, the tips below should help to point you in the right direction.

Conducting market research

The primary reason many cannabis dispensary owners waste money on Facebook ads relates to a lack of market research. The Facebook advertising system enables you to target users with ads based on many different aspects and factors. For example, you can push your ads towards people who already “like” your page. That is fantastic for instances in which you want to promote new products or news to existing customers. However, the issues often arise when it comes to reaching out to strangers.

Market research is essential, and you are never going to get the best outcomes from your Facebook ads without it. So, take some time to learn as much as possible about the people most likely to show interest in your dispensary and convert into new customers. Ideally, you need to know their:

  • Locations
  • Ages
  • Interests
  • Other Facebook pages they “like”
  • Recent life events

There are, of course, lots of specialist marketing firms like Artisans on Fire that can undertake all the hard work and conduct the market research on your behalf. So, there is no need to worry if you have no idea how to discover the right information about your potential customers. Just contact the experts!

Designing your ad

Once you have all the info you require about potential customers; it’s time to design your advert. Again, you’re going to need some stunning and eye-catching imagery for the best results, and so it might make sense to get in touch with your graphic designer if you don’t have skills in that area. Bear in mind that your ad will appear as Facebook users scroll through their newsfeeds, and so it needs to stand out from the other posts they swipe past.

There are rules regarding how much of your image can include text, so it’s sensible not to add any if you want it to reach the broadest possible audience. You can, of course, include some text above your image as part of the ad post that helps to explain the nature of your advertisement. Try to keep things short and straightforward for the best outcomes, and make sure you include a call to action like “click here” or something similar.

Next up, you need to work out how much you’re willing to spend and add your limit to Facebook’s ad system. You can also determine how much money you’re ready to bid for ad space. However, things start to get a little complicated when you do that, and so only professionals like those from Artisans on Fire should mess around with those settings. Once you are 100% satisfied with your ad, it’s time to set your targeting options!

Targeting your Facebook Ads

Now your advert is complete; you need to set the targeting options to ensure that you can reach the right people without wasting money on putting your promotion in front of users who will never convert into customers. All you need to do is take a look at the market research you completed earlier and then use your findings to ensure you push your cannabis dispensary ad to the best audience possible. Set the locations, ages, and interests based on the facts you uncovered during your research. You can then make a small investment and submit your ad for approval.

Bear in mind that you need to adjust and mess around with your targeting options continually to ensure you improve the results you create. So, do not make the mistake of investing hundreds of dollars on your first ad. Instead, it’s sensible to spend small amounts of money and then alter your targeting options to improve your outcomes. You can then invest slightly more. Repeat that process until you have an advert that reaches the right people without costing the earth. That way, you should secure a healthy return on your investment every single time you choose to advertise.

Again, if you choose to employ professional services like those available from Artisans on Fire; you will save a lot of time and hassle during this process because people working in the industry know how to make those alterations and get the best results in record time.

We have now come to the end of the second article in our four-part series on marketing your cannabis brand. Hopefully, you now know how to make headway and use social media websites like Facebook to your advantage. The same rules usually apply when it comes to promoting your company on Twitter too. The only difference relates to restrictions on the number of words you can include in your updates. However, Twitter also offers a paid advertising tool that works in much the same way.

See you back here soon for Part 3 of The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Your Cannabis Brand!