If you run and operate a cannabis dispensary in one of the many US states that legalized the sale of marijuana during the last few years, there is a decent chance that you face a lot of competition in the marketplace. That is because there are thousands of people in your position who love the idea of earning their living from this new and exciting industry. Of course, while there are lots of customers out there willing to spend money, sometimes you have to work hard to beat the competition and ensure you steal the lion’s share of the market. The article you’re reading right now makes up the first section of our four-part guide into marketing your cannabis brand and ensuring you succeed well into the future. Read the information below and use it wisely! For the purpose of this first post, we’re going to focus on your brand and the way in which you present it to the public. We’ll also touch on a few other aspects of promoting your cannabis dispensary as we move through. Artisans on Fire are experts in this industry, and we wanted to offer up some suggestions and tips for all the entrepreneurs out there who want to secure stable incomes for the future. Of course, sometimes it’s sensible to leave some aspects of promotion to the professionals, and so you can always contact us if you need extra assistance or advice. There is always someone waiting to answer the phones or respond to your emails.

Telling your story

The way in which you present your brand to the public could have a significant impact on the number of customers who visit your premises. For that reason, it’s essential that you consider some of the information from this section and put it into practice as soon as possible. Remember to tailor this advice based on the nature of your dispensary and any niche selling points you might have There are three main aspects all cannabis dispensary owners need to think about when telling their story. They include:

  • A character
  • A narrative
  • An environment

The best place to tell your story is the “about us” page on your company’s website. However, you can also include information within promotional materials, or anywhere else you like. In some instances, it is possible that you might gain some media attention. When that happens, it’s vital that you highlight your story and give the reporters the same information again. A character It stands to reason that the character in your story is you. So, you might think about saying something like: “John grew up in the sixties when cannabis was everywhere, and he dreamed of a day when he could legally start a business and provide this medicine and recreational herb to all his friends.” That quote is perfect because it helps to personalize the company and let customers know they’re buying from a real person instead of a faceless corporation. With a bit of luck, that should make the people who buy from your business care. When all’s said and done, most folks would prefer to hand their money to a private small business owner than a chain store. A narrative When it comes to creating the narrative, you might write something like: “John noticed the political events leading up to the legalization of cannabis and decided to take the opportunity to turn his dream into a reality. With a lot of hard work and dedication, John managed to raise some capital and apply for the licenses he needed to launch his dispensary.” A statement like that will help to highlight the fact that you are in the business because you love the product, rather than because you want to exploit customers and earn as much money as possible. Lots of people feel different about things like that, but most would agree they are more likely to trust a business owner who cares more about their customers and the quality of their stock than the level of earnings in their bank accounts at the end of the month. An environment It stands to reason that your environment is going to be the state in which your dispensary operates. So, make a point of highlighting some of the events that led up to the legalization of your industry. If you run a dispensary in somewhere like Oregon, be sure to talk about the thousands of people who appeared on the streets the day legislators votes to allow cannabis sales. You get the idea, right? Try to make your story as compelling as possible. Show your company in the best light by drawing attention towards the struggles you faced during the early days and the obstacles you had to overcome. That will assist when it comes to letting customers know about your dedication to the business.

Added extras that work well

If you want to get the best possible results from your story, then you should also think about adding the following elements if it is possible. Emotion All cannabis dispensary owners will benefit from adding an element of emotion into the way in which they tell their story. So, if you faced hard times or tragedy during the early stages of your operation, then make sure you write about it. Maybe you launched the business because your parents loved the cannabis plant and never got to enjoy it legally. So, you started the company to make them proud. Anything like that tends to work well, and it could encourage more people to choose your brand over the faceless competition. Humor Humor always makes a story more compelling, and so you should try to use it as much as possible. Perhaps there were some instances in which you found yourself in some funny or amusing situations? Maybe you could mention some of the issues you had to overcome to get where you are today. You could say something like: “John launched his dispensary with only two suppliers and keeping the shop stocked proved so difficult that he had to begin growing cannabis at home. He soon made new growing contacts after his wife began talking with a Jamaican accent.” While you don’t have to include that exact quote in your story, it should help to highlight just how more compelling you can make the text if you add some humor. Call to action Whether you’re writing about your brand for your website’s “about us” page or you’re representing your company to a journalist, it’s essential that you include a call to action at the end. That means adding a statement that encourages existing and new customers to visit your dispensary and try your products. You could write something like: “John always welcomes new customers with a smile, and he’s one of the most experienced cannabis experts in the world today. Visit his dispensary and check out some of the best strains in the US!”

Using effective branding

While all dispensary owners and anyone involved in the cannabis industry knows that marijuana is much safer than alcohol, the substance still receives a lot of bad press and fake news. For that reason, it’s critical that you work hard to present your company in the best light through effective branding. Use the information from this section to ensure you don’t make mistakes or overlook essentials during that process. Move away from tradition People who need to market cannabis dispensaries today will want to move away from the traditional image many members of the public create in their minds of the substance. So, unless you run a gimmicky dispensary, it’s wise not to cover the windows in Rastafarian flags and Grateful Dead album posters.  Marijuana has become acceptable by the mainstream these days, and you will alienate a substantial number of people within the new and expanded market if you opt for such niche branding elements. Instead, you should think about trying to make your product seem upmarket and legitimate. So, when it comes to determining branding, it’s sensible to take a leaf out of other company’s books. Sometimes you’ll want to use sleek designs and streamlined packaging to create the right impression of your stock. Ideally, you want to make sure your cannabis appeals to traditional smokers, but also as many new people as possible. Remain consistent In most instances, it will make sense for dispensary owners to employ the services of professionals when it comes to choosing their branding colors, slogans, and logos. The team at Artisans on Fire has a wealth of experience in that field, and we’re more than willing to offer assistance at every stage. Just remember that you always need to remain consistent. That is the only way you will increase brand familiarity and guarantee that customers recognize your products and dispensary. Always use the same fonts and schemes throughout your website, any promotional materials, and at your place of business. Don’t forget your roots While it’s sensible to move away from the traditional image of cannabis sellers by avoiding a branding approach that only includes Bob Marley images and Willie Nelson pics, it’s still vital that you don’t forget your roots. For instance, it’s possible that someone might walk past your dispensary without knowing what you sell if you don’t place a cannabis leaf somewhere on your promotional display or logo. So, while you don’t want it to appear like your company is run by hippies who can’t be bothered to get out of bed before midday; you do need to make sure there is no confusion when it comes to the nature of your operation and which products you supply. In a recent survey, around 88% of shoppers look for cannabis brands with strong positioning and design that come across as successful and professional.

Building buzz around your brand

Once you have an interesting story and all your branding elements in place, it’s time to build some buzz and ensure all potential customers in your area consider your dispensary when they need to leave home and purchase some cannabis. While we’re going to discuss this issue in more detail during the next article in this series, there are some ideas below that you will want to consider. It’s sensible to use them all, and if you need extra information; you just need to check out Part 2 of this series. Social media Hundreds of millions of people around the world use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter every single day. That means a decent percentage of your target market accesses those platforms, and so you need a robust presence too. Open business pages, invest in ads and post updates about your dispensary every single day for the best results. Video marketing As the sale of cannabis is now legalized on a state level in your area, it stands to reason that you might like to engage in some video marketing. Of course, that all comes down to the rules and regulations in your state. However, even in locations where you are not permitted to advertise your dispensary on video, it’s still possible to gain some advantage from video marketing. For instance, you might release a short documentary about the legal cannabis market in your state. As part of that documentary, people might discuss your dispensary or visit it. You get the idea right? Just take a look at the rules and work out how to get around them without getting into trouble. We have now come to the end of the first article in our series of four that explains the ins and outs of marketing your cannabis brand. If you want to take all the hard work and hassle out of this process, then get in touch with specialists like those at Artisans on Fire and see how professionals could assist you in beating the competition while also saving a lot of time and money. The cannabis industry is growing every day, and so you need to remain at the top of your game if you want to become a major player in your state. See you back here next time for Part 2!